Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Earthquake by adornos!

When you are walking your miles on pista you learn to take your steps so they give a pleasant echo in your upper body, full of information. Information about your position, way of the steps, which leg is working. ... This echo is also part of the music experience...

Leaders usually learn quite early even another technique. When I want my follower to stay in her position when I shift weight I block the shift information below my hips – it never reaches my upper body. I shift weight but my partner do not get information and stays in her position.

This information blocking could be valuable training for followers too!
When I have been on follower courses for adornos, the teaching was concentrated on feet movements; how fast small kicks are done. Adornos are presented as part of followers dance done between the leaded steps, never disturbing the dance flow.

But there are other aspects too:
When a learning follower was doing her double kicks between every step in a row – her back was trembling like an earthquake. The rhythmical walking pattern was hidden by all the extra movements in her back. I was totally lost and needed to do the "supporting leg test" all the time.

One of my partners is rhythmically talented and steps on beat without effort (I usually ask her how we are doing!). Suddenly I felt her step exactly off-beat; and again, and again! I stopped puzzled and understood how her free leg had been creating perfect circles and offbeat feeling. Her ordinary steps are very light so I can not feel them anymore but I know exactly where they are. These decorations were during learningperiod so heavy and did impact the music experience.

I wonder if there is teachers who put in their training this kind of extra aspects? Is someone talking about this phenomenon?

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