Saturday, January 15, 2011

Me and my tools : VLC player

Today I use VLC player to watch my videos. It is kind to show all the file formats I use and has the basic functions supporting my learning. I use mostly the arrows on the left/right to watch slow motion or the rapid version.

If I need to repeat many times a section I mark the start and end points and let the player repeat the interesting section as long time as needed.  When the repetition is going on I can change the speed with arrows on left/right or in playback speed box. There I can also change the speed with small adjustments.

But be careful to watch the videos only in slow motion - my brain adapted very soon to the new  speed and I lost the effect of clear observation. 
Today I use a lot of rapid motion too! It keeps me busy and alert. My brain learns to keep track of the fast movements and get used to the new *normal speed*.  When watching a normal one again the feeling is unstressed and comfortable!

It is also easier to understand and follow the dynamics within a whole dance when the speed is 1,5 or 2 times faster to normal.

You find here a short video of obtions mentioned.

DoubleArrows: Make it slower 67%, 50% or make it faster
Red dot: two clicks - a small film is created
Camera: one click - a picture is taken (using a lot of this option)
Repetition: hit the left to start, wait and hit the right one. When both are red repeating goes on and on and on.

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