Friday, June 10, 2011

Enrosques and pivots

When talking about enrosques I have been focusing only in how legs and feets are moving. It is quite natural because the most spectacular things are happening there. Lately my thoughts have turned to the movements of the center of the body and I think the core of enrosque is actullay to be found there! Here you find my first try about this!

In the leaders enrosque you isolate the turning movements of the uper and lower body . Enrosques are performed mostly when the follower is doing the molinete around the leader especially if you want to do several of them. Leader keeps her going by turning his shoulders steadily but his hips are rotating back and forth unconnected to the shoulders.

In pivot all the movements are turning to the same direction even if the different layers, legs-hips-upperbody, are delayed compared to each other.

What do you think?

Pivot - one of these shoulders/ hips/ foot is driving the turn
Enrosq - shoulders are drivning the couples turn and hips/feet is driving the enrosque movements.

Turn directions:
Pivot - all layers of body are turning to same direction
Enrosq - shoulders turning to the molinetes direction but hips/ leg are turning back and forth

Twist source:
Pivot – one of shoulders/ hips/ foot is turning and rest are late creating the twist; leaders hips are facing the follower most of the time
Enrosque – hips/ foot are streching to opposite directions compared to shoulders; leaders hips are turned away from her hips, left or right, most of the time.

(turning is happening in different leyers  legs-hips-shoulders)

So far today .....

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