Sunday, March 31, 2013

Social tango

I am getting more and more uncomfortable with the mixed use of words *Social Tango* describing a way of dancing AND a social attitude.

On web and in real life discussions, the social tango refers to close/quite close embrece, certain kind of steps, caminatas central position and so on. It includes the idea that this kind of dancing is the only one caring about the others. This way of dancing is called for social tango including the idea that tango nuevo (put in here any large steps and/or open embrace.. ) never could be social tango, where dancers are enjoying the music and caring about the other dancers.

In future I try to separate these things and as a starting point it could be something like this

professional dancer - amateur dancer
Most of the time social dancer term could be used about all kinds of amateur tango dancers.

social tango - performance
All tango dancing on your day off together with your old or new friends! and of course when you are dancing on a pista is the social one.

There is several sets of rules making the dancing enjoyable for us all, but more thinking is needed about it; do I want to put the rules together with the idea of the social tango?  Isn't social tango more defined by place, number of participants, degree of profession for the moment or similar facts?

Post script
In everyday language the *Social Tango* is understood to involve some of salogn - villa urquisa - milonguero way of movements, but I would like to have a more wide range of members in tangofamily.

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