Friday, April 22, 2011

Heart beat - Creativity and surpris!e

Radio program presented also some of the basics for creativity and mechanisms for a surprise. Both needed and occuring in my dance!

Creativity was defined as capacity to produce several new ideas in short time. It is interesting that creativity is disconnected from IQ level - it is an unique separate capacity. You maybe know someone with high IQ but producing nada interesting ideas!

Ceativity  has a shared genetic base with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder via low levels of dopamin receptor, D2. When information enters brain it will be filtered in a structure called thalamus which prioritize the material allowed to go further to cerebral cortex. When D2 levels are low more information is flowing further. If your other brain structures and functions are stable you can enjoy great creativity and mental health. But if your other functions are more fragile you may have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

It is a known fact that creative persons do have relatives with these disorders. By the way there seems to exist a new trend to boast with the mental problems as sign for artistic capability; something to list on the CV!

Strong cultural experiences reach deeper in your brain compared to ordinary reasoning dialogue and it reaches your consciousness via two different paths.

When we listen to happy music it enters via ears to the thalamus and is then transported fast to the emotional brain. If this music has quality of joyfulness and maybe your memories connected to this song are happy too, resulting in a massive activation of cell structures for joy. ( Program indicates that several feelings have their own cell structures - ( I wonder...)  )

Now your body knows that this is a happy moment! You are stricken by joy and you can feel it! But it takes longer time for information to come to higher levels of brain where you become aware of the music.

This timing difference is a problem if you need to lie! Your body will blow your secret before you become aware of the reaction needed for your lie!

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