Thursday, April 28, 2011

Musicality Book Club, (7)

Music as Mirror
Chapter 7 is exploring music as surface where we can understand more about ourselves. The sections for Human experience and and evolutionary aspects were quite accessible for me. However his other ideas about Cosmic reflection and Cosmic/Human reflections stayed with him - I just could not strech my brain to comprehend his ideas here!

In several occasions he diminishes the value of contributions we usually attach to single individuals and distributes the same to all existing today as well as to the generations to come and already gone. "Music is not made by individual musicians.." "..each piece of music comes from a swarming population of musicians with ancestors tracing back to the first motion in space."

He was firm in his idea about the future generations being part of a composers work. I never really understood his idea about future generations - the only idea I could think was his goals. The only way for me to get good work done is to have a goal in future - I maybe not involve the coming generations but I reach the years they will live.

I was quite inspired about his idea to consider echoes as aural mirror. For him is a sounding body causing other bodies to sound another kind of aural mirror. Later I started to think it more as an reflection - the rock sending my voice back is the mirror. But I am not sure if I got it right - Mathieu continues some pages later: In the vibrational mirror of music we practice and alter, and notate and edit, and practice some more until it sounds right.

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