Friday, May 23, 2014

Intuitively experience others' musicality

According to my unscientific opinion the strong feelings are entering my physical body somewhere in the stomach. Even if you do not agree, enjoy my reasoning and follow my path! 

When a strong feeling is roaming around within me, after it was initiated by a scary movie, or exiting sports event, I do the same thing: I fold my arms about me, around my stomach and start to sway forward and backward because of the increasing uneasiness in the body.

For some reason which I cannot understand this mechanism has included the musical timing to these strong feelings. I have started to   f e e l,  when the dancers are relating to the music in a specific way and below you get some examples which have been important for me.

During the spring 2012 I stopped to watch performances and started to watch class summaries instead. My absolute favorits were one leader and a couple. It was NOT for the learning purposes, but because of the enjoyment; I enjoyed these pieces of dance more than anything else available on Youtube.  At that time I did not really understand the reason for this obsession of mine, but today it seems to be a clear step on my path leading to a more intuitive understanding of others musicality, to a level where my eyes are carrying the information directly to my guts where they hit my body as a physical blow.

I think the main message was that when the dancers know the music very well, and now I do mean REALLY well, your dancing will be relaxed to the last fiber, which is very seldom seen on performances. When you know your steps very well too and you are totally relaxed to an unusual extent then those steps will hit my stomach with a full blow. Here you have some of my favorites from spring 2012!

Joachim and Michelle are fantastic dancers with an extraordinary beautiful flow between the steps!

The leader who also had impact on my musicality guts is the owner of TangoTools channel, Jordi. There is four of these milonga patterns but this was the only one I managed to link for you. The other addresses you find at the end of this posting.

These dancers were mesmerizing me then and they still do! 
Can you get a picture about what has happened with me?

When I am talking about the level of relaxing I do not talk about good knowledge about steps and songs, but I am talking about training far beyond that level. It could be that you work with your steps and the song until you are nearly going to throw up but if you still contine the steps and music are shaping up themselves in a totally new way for you. That is one way. . . 

I suppose many people are enjoying all the way when they are deepening their knowledge, lucky them!

Links to Jordis milonga steps