Sunday, February 13, 2011


I do not understand! and I do not have a tiniest idea about why...

I am a right hand  person and I am a left ear person! I always have the phone on left ear and I suppose the rest of my hearing relies on that ear. It is the sensitive one also and is the first in line to complain if something is wrong.

Therefore I have done my music training/listening only with my right earplug on as low level as possibly. But still it was the left ear to start hurting. Are the nerves bundled somehow so there is some kind of phantom pain or something?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hey sister, we have a problem !

I feel deeply how the tandas without steps are looking for solution in wrong direction. Instead of blaming men ladies must find the solution among themselves and together contribute to the dance community they want to have.

Ladies must find ways to distribute the existing tandas among sisters more evenly!

If you want more men to attend the milongas find ways to make them come and stay!

You know your community and together you will find ways fitting your situation. Talk with your sisters! You can find some ideas in one of my earlier postings  Sisters it is time to take care of ourselves, solve our problems! It will be fantastic if men want to join, cooperate with us to get a better situation, but we must be the ones to fix it!

* In all stories about the old days I have read, ladies were respected. Good followers were few and bad steps were accepted and ignored so the followers could feel like queens.
* Men had a really strong social control among themselves. No newcomer came to the milonga without an invitation.
* Many hours of training was a total MUST. As a leader you need to know your steps well, and you need to know her steps so you can compensate if needed.

I feel a deep respect for the men of the old days, who worked hard during many years for a dance, created a strong social control within their group and nurtured respect for the ladies who hardly could move to the music. They did work hard and created a solution for a difficult situation.

I think ladies of today would win if cooperating with sisters, creating a positive social control and dance training. This could be one way to a more decent dance life!