Monday, August 18, 2014

The Finnish type of tango night

The Finnish tango is organized in a totally different manner than the Argentine tango.

In Finland the tango is present everywhere as a mental idea. Even if all of us don't dance tango, or if we don't have the voice to sing, we still know the central tango repertoar and the famous singers. 

Finnish tango is not a   d a n c e  but it is a song tradition. Therefore the greatest singers are appreciated and the composers are known by names.

In this short video the night starts with a dinner at a friends summer cottage, the car ride with talk and laughters to the dance barn. Dancing and listening Arja Saijonmaa, who is an appreciated singer of tangos and Mikis Theodorakis music when he was working against the military in Greece as well as Darya & Månskensorkester.

On our way home we had the Super Moon guiding our way!

Gues what - I could not link but click here for the VIDEO

It is worth to note that this is NOT happening in Finland but in Sweden where the Finnish tango has got a cult status. I have seen in Stockholm people waiting in the snow and icy wind to get in to the bar with Darya & M√•nskensorkester performing.     . . . . fascinating for a Finn!

Arja Saijonmaa is a Finnish singer and a political performer with Mikis Theodorakis.

Darya & Månskensorkester is a kind of cult band in Sweden formed by members of Finnish emigrant families.