Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The dancing couple

lead/follow - partners - unity   
capacity allocation - effortless dance   
willpower - music   

When I started to dance AT the leader/follower roles were fixed and no one gave us hint about that it could change by the coming years. Anyhow I did not got a hint I understood!

Today, many years later I consider the leader/follower roles to be just a good training aid, a good starting setup. It is helpful to organize the process in this way to create a clear structure for the beginners to understand the responsibilities during the dance. During the first period most of your capacity is needed to learn the individual steps and all the stuff about connection. 
There is hardly resources to continuously negotiate about the actions and who will be the initiator. 

When the skill is developed the dance gets fluent following the tango principles and the dancers are able to maintain the connection with each others as well as with the music during the whole tanda. From somewhere here and onward the dancing couple consists of equal partners and in the end you are not able to tell apart the other persons' impact, you are not able to feel the leading or following.

During this learning continuum the willpower to take a step - the willpower needed to lead and willpower needed to follow a step - the strength of the mental impulse will gradually diminish. After a certain point there is only a feeling that the couple is moving without effort together, without no leading impulses or following impulses to be recognised. At that moment the music is making us to dance, to take a step.

In an earlier posting, *Her dancing body* i think she had passed to the state of effortless dancing where the music is moving her body. In this specific situation I was not capable to join her dance but started to follow.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Her dancing body

no will - no lead   
just dancing   

She is a naturally talented follower and a popular partner among the leaders. I always appreciated my tandas with her on every occasions we met on European pistas!

During this tanda there was something else going on, an odd feeling that I was following her. But the strange thing was that she was n o t leading. It was as if her body has started to dance. Please read it once more: as if her body has started to dance! Dancing without her active guidance!

There were movements according to tango's vocabulary and the movements were beautifully following the music but there was not the air of will which directs those movements and is the sign for a lead. Her body was dancing! And I followed her.

This experience kept me fascinated for months and I still wonder