Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The bloody heel

Ten days ago one of my followers was involved in an incident where her leg was peeled by another follower's heel. There was definitely some blood and still after ten days she is not able to carry out her life long daily routine. She can dance but not swim according to medical advise!

What happened? 

It took place during one of our weekly milongas. According to those involved and a few around the couple behind my friends was dancing vigorously. The back boleo of this younger follower was not performed with a relaxed leg only but it was powered by her back muscles in the way the some dancers do. So instead of a bruise my partner got her calf peeled off! Afterwards the leaders tried to help to take care for the injuries but the follower wasn't there.

After an accident you are usually quite shaken and more careful with your steps. Not this couple.

There seems to be two different responsibility systems around the pista of today. The older system loads all the responsibility for the couples actions on the leader. What ever path the follower heel takes it is the leader's responsibility.

The other system is more based on individual responsibility. The leader is supposed to adapt his dance to the crowd but here the follower should also take a look around and consider if there is space for high boleos. If she finds the pista too crowded she would resist a high boleo lead and transform it to a low one! She is an independent dancer!

My partners leg 10 days after the incident!

I wonder what are you willing to give up to be able to share the same pista with different styles, ages and skill levels?

Who is responsible for heels on your home pista?  Leaders only?

Your opinion on what should an organizer do to prevent these incidents?