Sunday, November 27, 2011

Libertango portal

I think the biggest surprise when working on this Libertango portal was the lack of ordinary tango performances! There is some but not in the numbers as for other tangos.

The second one was the fact that it is so appreciated  world wide, of different ages so you can find it in repertoirs of old musicians as well as the ones below 10 years. It is also suitable as background music for beauty contests and car races - amazing!


Please click here and enjoy this small selection!

There is different themas for playlists:

Moves us - dance and performances
Unusual instruments - never seen like them
Chicas - things from bellydancing to stage
Outdoors - all kind of activities under the skyes
Classics - the old ones and the next generation

PS. It seems there is some problems with the music, which is not allowed to be shown in all countries. Please send me a note if you can not see this. I will check what I can done for this...... 

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