Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Bandoneon Caminata

This is an old idea and the video footage is from 2009 and 2010; with other words please forgive the low quality of the visuals!

My goal for the caminata was for a long time a simultaneous walk. I wanted our feet to move in same speed so the distance between my toes and her toes was the same all the time. I was sure this was the ultimate goal for an heavenly correct walk. This walk was filmed on our Saturday training and I remember how pleased I was with the regular pattern our feet created! 

They started at the same time and we brushed by the standing leg simultaneously and the distance was kept stable. There was other problem but the feet were great!

Time went by and I became a little bit reluctant. I started to wonder if our walk with its regular pattern was a liiiiiittle bit boring?  Those thoughts guided me to this Javer caminata.

The distance between the feet is changing, it is moving like bandoneon between a short distance at landing to its maximum when moving forward. The foot behind you is moving more slowly compared to the speed when the foot is in front of your body. When she is moving fast Javier's foot is slower and the opposite!

This creates a fantastic vivid walk!

Javier Rodriguez and Stella Misse

they land simultaneously

when they have shifted the weight to a new standing leg
his foot is still behind him (slow) but her has passed (fast)

to prepare the new landing
his foot passed the standing leg and continues forward (fast)
her foot has a shorter distance to cover and can take it easy (slow)

they land simustaneously

It is stil in use and here an US based couple use the same walk!

Ney Melo & Jennifer Bratt

If you want to clearly to see the steps use the possibility to slow down Youtube player. 
It works on steps 50% or 25%

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