Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Develop your skill and land at the tango heaven!

This is only about skill!
There are a great number of other aspects 
adding to tanda experience.
But not this time.

The skill differences have an impact on our tanda but these issues are difficult to discuss. I like figures/numbers and math so the idea here is formed as a calculation! I suggest that both dancers have a maximum number of resources to offer the partner for building up the enjoyment. Lets set it here as 10. The maximum enjoyment value for a dancing couple is then limited to 20 during a tanda. That's the ultimate heaven!

If you are an experienced leader, well trained in technique the scores get nicely up. We say that this leader has an estimated score value 7 so he can give a beginner follower an enjoyable tanda of 8, (7+1). If this leader is able to relax and smoothly lead a follower he can maybe offer a good tanda to a partner at the highest level, a fully developed follower at 10. The enjoyment will hit the 17 bar for this couple!

On the internet and the talks around the pista are continuously complaining about the leader skill levels. There are also followers who have a strategy not to pay for their learning. They expect that the leaders will for free teach them all they need to know for the local pista. They are also totally confident to tell the leaders about this. I suppose that this drives followers to chase tandas with leaders a lot of levels above their own. It's because this maximizes the learning, the enjoyment!

I wrote earlier about the training needed to stabilize and make your tango movements, forms strong and endurable. This was and is the advantage of dancing with partners at different skill levels. Keep in mind that your skill level is always depending on your own personal effort. You work with your technique at home, you take lessons and get experienced by hundreds of hours at the pista. You maybe get your skill very easily, by a few hours,  compared with me who needs countless hours to get some progress. But a dancer needs profound, personal own skill to contribute,  a way to add your personality to a tanda.

You never get to the highest heaven by riding only on the partner's skill but you need to develop and offer your own stable and independent skill and personality to the tanda.

Your personal skill impacts the tanda enjoyment calculated below!           



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