Sunday, June 20, 2010

Natural follower?

Natural follower?

I am still wondering if I am a natural follower inspite of my years as leader!

The GrandOpening of a tango is a sidestep. Nearly allways the leader is starting with a left foot sidestep and somewhere there I have got an idea that leaders pick the strong beats with the left leg and the followers are the right foot people.

This spring I have started to listen my iPod when walking to my office and have noticed that my right feet is allways taking the strong beats. I can start with my left foot but after a while I am back in pattern with right fot.


Is there an iclination on the street so I am actually limbing?
Could it be the fact my muscles are stronger on leftside ...
I am strongly righthanded and I maybe am rightfooted as well!

I wonder what kind of effekt a strong preference for right/left foot rythmic patterns has on a follower? a slight unclear feeling that something is not working or is working well?

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