Saturday, March 26, 2011

Training Week 21/3

This week was for musicality studies

I worked on the new rhythms from a DJ friend
Waltz: 123 123 123 123  = 123456 123456 and the steps go 1 3 5 1 4, 1 3 5 1 4
Tango: 1234 1234 = 12345678 and the steps go 1 4 7 1 4 7
Tango: 1234 1234 1234 ..... and steps go 1 3 1 3 1 3 12 4 2 41 3 1 3 12 4 2 41......

I still must listen to his counting but more and more I start to hear the music in the background and can start soon to step on it instead of counting. I walk at home twice these short clips (together 10 min) per day and listen some more at buss on the way to office. It seems I need oceans of time to learn this!

It is the second week for repetition of the lesson 13; 
Milonga in Amenabars book.
Constructed a mind map for the chapter and walked the 3 different rhythmic possibilities when at home. On buss I listen all the audio sections for the chapter to get used to the patterns.

I continue to spend time on Bachia Blanca
Listening on and on for long periods – trying to understand phrases 3,4. I still struggle with exact ends of phrases … or …. exact start of an phrase. There is often lot of things happening in the end of an phrase and maybe therefore it is easier for me to spot the start. I find it strange but to understand where a new start is seems easier for my brain! To separate the different parts of tango is ok now.

When walking outdoors I keep feet's on steady basic steps and listen what is happening outside that frame.
I have watched two videos to understand how teachers do choose their steps and create overall atmosphere for this tango.( Chicho and Juana, Pablo and Noelia )

Next week will be about the same
I just change the Amenabar lesson to Capter 9, Form and Structure of Tango.

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