Friday, June 10, 2011

A follower exercise

When I was following I didn't have a clear picture of my impact to the dance, not even tried to understand it. Instead I was mostly concerned about how well I picked up the lead. Today I think followers need to grow their skill to understand the lead but they need parallell to grow to understand what their strong sides and favorite dance situations are. How would I like to do my movements during this dance/ with this leader? The timing and step comes from the lead, HOW is the follower choice but not the only way to have impact!

It has been a amazing journey for me to watch videos with leaders who has changed their partners. How new elements come in and the athmosphere is changing for the perfomances.

Here is one of may favorite leaders with three different followers.

Before running trough these, please pick up some ideas you want to check. Some suggestions - intensity between the dancers / playfullness - is there differences between Diego & Co? Technical level /choice of music/ different steps/ how fast the dance goes?

Deside what you want to follow up here!

Diego & Maria Belén

Diego & Mecha

Diego & Mariana

Have you a favorite serie of your own?  Please share!

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