Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coping with cancer

Breast cancer v2.0

In the early days when studying social anthropology we came across a story about a tribe in South East Asia working systematically with their dreams. Every morning they came together and reviewed the dreams during the night before; discussing and analyzing. Very early in their lives children were trained to meet their nightmares in a constructive way. When a nightmare monster was chasing them they were asked to stop, turn around and stare at the creature and ASK for a GIFT!

This idea of asking for a gift when I meet the monsters of my life became one of the important principles giving me strength and positive outcomes in difficult situations.

The Breast cancer v1.0 occured in September 1999 (surgery, radiation) and I requested for more focus on things I love, on ideas I appreciate and activities making me feel more alive! The change was great during the years! But it is still my responsibility to keep this request active, make new choices so the attitude keeps on growing and stabilized within me.

This time I want more connection to the people around me!
(This sharp eyed and analytical hedgehog needs softer needles!)

But the Breast cancer v2.0 (more surgery, chemotherapy) has already given me gifts ...
My doctor recomended me to cut my hair before I lose it by the treatment. It was a surprice how powerful I felt with my new bald head look. I am visible again; at the shops I can pay when I want - earlier I was chasing the cashiers .......
It has also made my life even more leader like! I do actually some shaving before a milonga ;)

My normal life goes on and I am working 75% ; going not so often to milongas but working with dance at home, meeting my non-tango friends and catching up the things at home since last autum!

Cancer message can come with a lot of power; It lifts you from your everyday track and makes changes possible; It shows what is important in your life and it gives a lot of possibilities to meet, really meet people who have accepted the realities in their life. I am greatful too!


Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar said...

Dear Leena,
I was impressed seeing you in November 2011 @ Tango Bristol.
I was impressed by the way you danced. You were leading in an energetic and smooth way, respecting all the time the line of dance and every women you danced with were enjoying. Well, and you've had a fancy "haircut" too.
I am glad that you are keep on dancing and looking forward to keep you dancing with my music soon again.
Best regards,
Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
Argentine Tango | Tango Teacher & Tango DJ

LeadingLady said...

Thanks Bärbel for you comment!
I am back from my 3-weeks vacation in South Korea and that is the reason for the late answer.

They have some really nice dancing there. I found the pace slower and more elegant compared the milongas I know. They are good keeping the lines during the milongas - I just love it!

They are also brave, curious - even with my quite extreme outfit the guys did ask for dances and the ladies answer to my cabeceo - sometimes laughing and telling this to be their first dance with a lady.

I think that evening at Bristol with your music was quite exhausting - I couldn't take any tandas off, they were too good to be ignored .....


Unknown said...

You are an astonishing personality Leena, a good role model both in lifemanship and in tango. See you around. Lars

LeadingLady said...

Thanks Lars!