Saturday, August 27, 2011

Statistics for the sequences

When we were working regularly for a long time we lost the control over all the steps we had been working on. We lost sometimes parts of the sequences as well as the youtube video address we had been using. Frustrating!

Therefore I wanted to create a tool giving us easily
- an overview for the sequences we had been working on,
- pick up certain group of sequences - e.g boleos or volgadas
- what did we work on a certain occasion
- access to right video
- channel to share all this with my team

I have created this tool in LibreOffice (earlier OpenOffice) and I recommend the participants to have a Gmail account so the sharing will go easily.

The first column shows a name or description for the sequence, so we can recall it.

Next column gives the category so you can use the filter above and search all the rows for e.g. volgadas you have been working on.

Video column gives you the youtube or dropbox address specified for this video. When you load this file to Google documents the link is activated so you can click the video address and it will show up in a new window.


All the steps you did work on During the meeting are marked by number 1. Remember also the possibility to create notes for every cell if more specific information is needed.

The summary column at right gives you then the number of accumulated training occasions. If you want to repeat those having a low number and needing a fresh up, press the filter triangle and choose the level. If you choose to look at the ones you worked on only two times choose two during the filter and only those rows will show up. Believe me, this is handy when you have 50 sequences to take care of! ... or need to check up what the sequences were on a course 6 months ago!

NOTICE: When you have used the filter you will find a small square reminding you to go back to the filter trinagle and choose all again, to get access to all.

Via Google documents with reading rights to others you can share the information with your training partners very easily! You can keep this also as a private document to keep track for your teaching hours / weekends so you know what issues you have done at a certain occasion.

If you will load a start file from my Dropbox you find the addresses here. After loading into Google Documents you Should be able to watch the videos in the video column.

Open Office

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