Friday, May 31, 2019

The Partnership in tango is like an aquarelle

paper water - the music
dancers with different colors
new colors and totally new steps

The Partnership period

At the partnership stage the leader and follower know how to move in tango, how to take steps and adapt to each other. At the beginning of this period you slowly grow out from the leader/follower roles and are transformed to dancers with much more equal impact on a tanda than earlier.

In many important changes in my life, the relevant aspects of a situation come together in a picture embodying the values playing at that moment. So was the origin of this metaphor. I still remember the follower and the spot on the pista where I was struck by the idea about an aquarelle as an equivalent metaphor for our dancing.

The sheet of paper is the base and together with the pure water they represent the music.

When we start to dance, her colors are trickling from one side of the paper and mine are coming in from the opposite side. Our movements make the water move and blend our colors to totally new ones. There are new paths, forms creating themselves on the paper as well. 

In a milonga, the same tanda would feel different with a new follower, because they come with a different personal set of colors. Followers have also impact on leaders steps but the effect is not always easy to recognize. It can be easier to notice with a new partner. Totally new combinations and forms evolve when the personalities fit.
I would call it inspiration and that happens! 
We have seen and heard about it.
 Many times!

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