Friday, August 30, 2019

Dance Like No One Is Watching - WROOOONG ?

I agree that an excessive search of audience approval is not good but so is the total neglection of audience opinion.

I see the process of forwarding the tradition (or creating something new) as a dynamic balance between individual dancers and the community. When dancers make their dance visible during a tanda the community approves it by accepting their cabeceos later on or it disapproves the dance experiment by focusing on other dancers or they speek out their disapproval!

On the personal level my dance should look from the outside like it feels during a tanda. For a while ago some followers were positively surprised by the feeling during a song and that triggered some new learning initiatives for me. I need to do my dance more visible for the audience to attract other dancers. Teachers have given me positive feedback but when some experienced followers do not get my skill right i need to do what I can to make it easier to recognize.

I have a friend who has a background in music and a strong opinion about how to express the beat. When we were on a ws with appreciated local teachers with 20 years of experience he made the fastest/erliest landings of us all. Clearly before us all. I talked with him later about that but he just stated - That is the way I want to have it! His own inner experience was the only guide for him but here it pushed him off to a totally private solution.

So IMO there is a healthy level of audience/dancer attention vitally forming the future of the dancer, the tango community and the tango.

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