Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ladies Legs

In my early days when still following I was instructed to think the leg beginning from the middle of the ribcage. So my body was as a capital A where the triangle base was hips and the top placed in ribcage. I strived after to stretch my legs all the way when taking the steps. It created long lines in tango salong... if I was lucky.

Today there seems to be two more techniques to take the step and both styles have its favorite lady representants for me.

Andrea Misse has the straight leg beginning from hips. She does not collect so often but is moving the free leg around the supporting leg until there is time to take the next step. It requires the hip to be tilted forward. Anyhow for her it creates an elegant dance.

Adriana Naveira is dancing with flexed knees and they are very seldom stretched totally. It creates a fantastic calmness around her shoulder's and upper body. She is collecting more....
Have you noticed more options?

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