Sunday, September 26, 2010

Training week starting 27/9

At last we are on the way to train some Todaro figures. Actually we managed to put together the first sequence last week on practica. It needs to be repeated and then we can go on to the second one!

I have today scanned through some videos for vals figures for October. Need to test them this week at practica.

Training team is geting together and schedule is more acceptable now. Work is still too much ad hoc but geting more organized. Next time we will go on Caminata/pivot and ganchos as a new thing.
Now all of us have access to the shared document to be used to collect ideas for next time. It will also work as a memo to record new ideas and inventions after traning hours.

It seems not realistic to plan more even if music should be on my list as well as figure repetition. 

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