Sunday, December 12, 2010

Canaro 100... times!

Thanks to Joy in Motion I ended up to The Unlikely Salcero’s page and an article about the musical benefits of repetitive listening of a song (June 10,2007). To sing  ( hmm - to sound !) the music as you suggested will be helpfull to create some kind of pattern of music to my memory. I have thou added some more activities because of my personal capacities such as lack of musical memory*  and training.

I started to listen an old Canaro but after day or two I did split it to 3. Now I only have the first 1.15 to go over and over again. I ride bus to work and therefore I can do marks with feet or hands when I feel for that kind of aspects. I think my first priority will be to get the music to my body and therefore I test to have some movements to the music.

I have earlier noticed how some parts in music are bundled together and I can not  understand what is going on there. Therefore I run the song in Audacity where I can put the pace slower, maybe 66%. Having more time to recognize the instruments makes it easier to analyze and understand what is going on.

But for every slow run I listen it at fast level too; up to two times faster. It makes the musical ..patterns.. more clearly. Then also when coming back to the original song it feels slow and unstressed.

Sometimes I do follow the beats by fingers, sometimes I try to sketch by pen what I hear - here the most important thing is the concentration on listening I can create by these means.

Next week next minute!

*Lack of musical memory has been an advantage too! It has forced me to dance in …NOW... During many years I did not have any memories about how the music will go during next few seconds. So I was forced to be prepared to dance according to every surprise the music did offer me. It is actually as followers do - taking the steps the leader suggests!

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