Sunday, January 2, 2011

Checking the steps, my own and others

For several years ago I noticed how sensitive my ears became for everyday sounds because of tango training. I started to correct my steps when not hitting the ground at same time with my walking companion. Small differences became unbearable.

The last months music training has focused my attention to steps even more and one morning when walking through a park to my office I suddenly lost the voices and heard only all the steps behind me and on the other side of the hedge, the air was filled by steps of different weight, length, intensity. It was to me a surprisingly different auditive moment!

These moments in everyday life let me monitor how I am gaining capabilities to catch new details or pick a layer of details in the world of sounds. How my musicality is growing! as well as an indication for a new connection to my surroundings.

When riding a buss and listening music I have noticed I follow the people around - curiously checking if they can go with my music!
        ... and it seems I am not alone!

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