Sunday, April 10, 2011

Immense dancing again

I have actually not been dancing for a while. Reading, thinking and music studies have kept me at home. Even all the classes for weekend were cancelled and I could rest the morning and early afternoon!

Once in the month we have a milonga in a fabulous café at third floor, above a church. The church board has had several hot meetings about it but we are dancing there again. I really appreciate! It is here I saw first time a beautiful pista in ful activity - it is crowdy but going forward, around!

After La Cumparcita we walked to a tango restaurant where the owner was going to release the TangoCamp Italy, Greece and Sweden for this summer. I have attended all camps 2004-2009 but have not decided yet for next one! It has been great learning and dancing.
Anyhow this evening we were early and had nearly all the floor for ourselves. I was lucky having two of my favorite followers with me. One was eating and I danced with the other! (I ate at home!)

This was cultural night with lots of events allover the town. I was only interest in the tango at Romania cultural centre. I met my follower at door and hardly get in for the crowd. There was a trio and a singer singing rumanian. The funny detail was that I recognized two of the songs; I have them! Some years ago I bought two CD with old European and Arabic tangos and now I heard some of them live!

Most surprising thing was to be at home before midnight after all that dancing!

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