Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Training week starting 11/4

This week seems to keep me reading and listening!

Book Club has come to chapter 6, Music as Story. Thoughts in this book are quite far from my ideas but interesting so I keep reading and rereading to get access to his world. I understood the author is around 70 years and has a long term perspektive in his subject! (Link to last weeks chanpter)

Detlefs and Melinas workshops were canceled but I want to run through my notes and the printed material from their earlier workshops.

Dans-Forums had an interesting analysis of tangos El Choclo and Bachia Blanca. It is detailed but if you have interest and time it will be rewarding!

A friend told me about a radio program where artists, therapist, scientists tell about their results in music work and research. I have started to listen Music and Brains - one of the 11 programs. REALLY interesting! With totally new information for me about how brain works with music!

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LeadingLady said...

I was again hit by a wild dance spirit and were out Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So the reading time was diminished seriously! BUT we had wonderful dancing and great time!

I managed to complete the Book Club chanpter 6 and to form a comment as well.
El Choclo analysis is far above my ability but I will not quit but add some more time. Remodel the goal and read on.

Music and Brain program is done and notes made.

Detlef & Melina material needs some more time.