Sunday, October 9, 2011

Whos fault IS it?

Sometimes, when you are leading, you find unexpected effects. It is difficult to analyze the source for the phenomenon or find the way to correct it. Here you have our story, how we did analyze the situation and found the solution!

For our small group the caminata is an important part of the technical training and we have it on the schedule every time! At one of the very first times I noticed that my main partner Ms. B was walking in a slight, but definite turning circle to the left, I needed to work a lot to keep her in a stright forward caminata. When we talked about it she said she felt the lead to that slight curve promenade, I told her that there was no lead for that turn ......

We made some videos that time and after several months there was time to analyze it. These are the facts I have found so far!

Ms. B is walking very balanced backwards. Her heels are placed on one line and the toepart is pointing out in an angle she is able to keep constant / stable. The rectangle formed by her hips and shoulders is fine, working balanced and steady. I think this is one of the reasons she is so good follower. Her response is clear without unbalance, 'noice'.  

 You will see the walk first in slow motion and then the normal pace.

She is moving in such a beautiful manner, isn't she?

We go on to se what happens with the leader in black! Please look again how the steps are placed and how the shoulder/hips rectangular looks like. You get the slowmotion version first and then in normal speed. If you choose whole screen in Youtube, it will be easier to se!

Here we have some things happening, don't we?

It is quite obvious that the shoulder/hips rectangle has collapsed; the right shoulder is lower and left hips goes out more than the right one. There is also differences in steps.

The left foot step seems quite ok, the foot is moving on its own line forward and even the shoulder line is acceptable.

It is different for the right foot step! The right shoulder is lower and left hip goes out. Right foot is also going slightly diagonally forward. And here we have the lead, enough for a sensitive follower! If the leader would make the step a little bit longer and keep left shoulder some more away, then we would have a clear lead for a left side turn!

This time the cause for this diverging from the forward caminata was the leaders (my) unclear / unbalanced back and feet movements.

Nowadays when i feel that a follower is turning without my intentional lead to the left I do not lead / turn her back but I start to control my left hip and keep my right foot in line instead.

I have a scoliosis in my back, It makes the back movements more unbalanced and unstable. Usually I do not mind that but some sensitive followers are able to perceive it and act on it.

.... and one more thing. When I was following the reason for unbalance, anyhow to some extent, was on the follower / me! My scoliosis is working in both roles! ;)

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