Monday, May 9, 2011

Leaders resources - should I feel quilty?

We have a small training team of four people; two lady followers, one male leader and me. 

We leaders provide nearly all the resources; cameras, projectors, music, training plan, training studio hours and so on. We two leaders are quite equal there. Followers make sandwiches and clean after the coffe. They feel that the sandwiches is their part of the resources and when they are cleaning we leaders prepare technique for the next training session.

When asked what we should work on followers say: Everything!
Leaders: We have a list or some videos as suggestions.

Earlier I have tried to share the work by asking my follower to film the course summary from another angle but she forgot her camera, the battery was empty or the memory card full. Now I speak to another leader to get a copy! (She actually had the resource but did not want to use it)

In the beginning I was quite upset and disturbed about all this, especially about the cleaning part. Today I/we just put up some pressure on the ladies to break down their Everything! to workable sections.

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