Monday, May 16, 2011

Musicality Book Club, (10)

In the last chapter (10) Mathieu summarizes his goals for his book in this way: "My primary purpose in this bok has been to point out a more direct path to clear listening. This has been motivated partly by my pleasure in sharing aural delight .... Another purpose has been to point out how sound in general and music in particular connect humans to humans and humanity to the cosmos." (p. 245)

He presents music in roles I never had thought before: Music as Body, as Mind, as Heart. Above this his explanations were always deviated from the ordinary thinking. When I tried to follow his reasoning I started to think my university friends. When they were studying theoretical physics one or two of the exam items were impossibly to solve; this forced them to think as far as they could and professor got an idea about students' level of knowledge and creativity.

This book attracted me to a similar effort and I must say that it has been intellectually rewarding; very rewarding!

Here you can hear when W.A. Mathieu improvises at his home studio. Impromptu No. 1

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